Thin Cutting Wheel

Orkon Premium sharp silica carbide and superior bond system provide exceptional performance in even the most demanding cutting applications on metal.

Your Best Choice for Smooth & Safe metal work.

All Orkon abrasive products are manufactured in accordance with the European and International safety norms. We understand your environment is tough and demanding, risks and expectations are high, every time you pick up a machine to clean, cut, grind or sand.

Orkon cutting discs are used in portable grinding machine which are widely used for cutting metal sheets, angles, rebars and other metal products. Orkon abrasives are made from quality grits and resins of European Origin. Metal fabrication is one of the most common uses for cutting wheels. Used to cut sheet metal, sizing metal stock for welding, cut a weld to re-weld it, and cutting and notching steel pipe are just few examples. Die grinders and Chop saws are also common tools used with cutting discs.



Product Size in mm 115 x 1 x 22.23 115 x 1.6 x 22.23
Material Used Aluminium Oxide Aluminium Oxide
Grit 60 46
Max O/P Speed 80m/s 80m/s
Bore Protection Steel Collar Steel Collar
Safety Certification OSA OSA
Working on Material Stainless Steel (All Grades) Stainless Steel (All Grades)
Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
Marine Grade Aluminum Marine Grade Aluminum
Ballistic Steel Ballistic Steel


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