Diamond Cutting Wheel

Orkon diamond blades are designed for extended tough cutting of building materials, stone, tile, brick, limestone, pipe, rebar and just about any other hard/dense material you can find. Our technologies extend to shaped gullets, noise-dampening cores, split segments and depth-of-cut indicators to name a few.

Orkon Turbo Diamond Blade provides the best cutting performance and long life for all of your DIY projects. Use the turbo rim blade for fast and smooth cuts on concrete, brick, block, stone, and stucco. This blade will fit most small angle grinders like 4 inch /100mm , 4.5 inch / 115mm , 5 inch / 125mm , 7 inch / 180mm , 9 inch / 230mm. Diamond blades are made up of the central core and segment. Orkon diamond blades are manufactured using laser welding technology. Laser welding methodology gives more durable performance. By attaching the segments to the core by laser welding it yields the strongest bond to the core, making it long lasting and Value for money. Diamond cutting blades are mostly used in building and construction Industry. For different types of stones Orkon diamond blade has different solutions of diamond blades as per application of material Concrete, Granite, Marble, Tile and Ceramic.



TURBO RIM / Turbo Rim 100,115,180,230
CONCRETE / Concrète 100,115,180,230
TILE & CERAMIC / Carrelage et céramique 100,115,180,230
MARBLE & GRANITE / Marbre et Granite 100,115,180,230


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