Orkon Cutting wheel / Discs – basics

March 25, 2020

Plenty of manual cutting applications call for a hand-held grinder and cutting wheel. Cutting sheet metal, sizing a piece for fabrication, cutting out a weld to refabricate it, and cutting and notching in pipeline work are just a few examples of what can be accomplished using a grinder and cutting wheel. Orkon cutting wheel or Orkon Cutting disc



By following a few best practices, you can extend wheel life, promote safety, and improve productivity and efficiency within the metal cutting process.

Some of the important considerations in using resinoid-bonded wheels include the cutting application, the tool being used—such as a right-angle grinder, die grinder, or chop saw—desired cutting action, the material being cut, and space. Orkon Wheels / Orkon Discs typically provide a fast cutting action, long life, and tend to be cost-effective.